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Armjisoft Security and DRM packages are widely used by publishers, organizations and companies worldwide to get control over their sensitive company information or selling / distributing their documents and files from 2002.


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David LeBlanc

I want to highly recommend Armjisoft’s PDF OwnerGuard for those seeking both bulletproof PDF protection and top quality customer service. As a digital eBook publisher for the past ten years, I have evaluated or purchased numerous DRM solutions in my pursuit for the best security application for my products. PDF OwnerGuard is the only product that provided the high level of security I needed with a simple and easy to use interface. Since implementing PDF OwnerGuard, the number of customer assistance calls have virtually disappeared because the user friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to understand. And finally, you won’t find a company with better customer support. Not only did they perform the installation so that it was turn-key for me but they have promptly answered all my questions on a 24/7 basis. Best of all, they have listened to my needs and incorporated many of my suggestions. For companies needed the best PDF protection product on the market with unsurpassed customer support, I recommend Armjisoft’s PDF OwnerGuard.


Renan Roettgers

I’m an ebook seller and PDF Ownerguard is helping me a lot.
My sales increased 300% after I started using PDF Ownerguard. My problem with plagiarism is totally solved. PDF Ownerguard is certainly a one of a kind software. It’s simply the best DRM solution available out there. It’s really simple for customers to use, that’s certainly Ownerguard best feature.


Mirella Poli (Chinchilla Chronicles)

I would highly recommend Armjisoft Digital Rights Management System after searching the internet for a product that suited my needs. Armjisoft not only provided me the software I was looking for but offered me endless support on the integration and numerous questions I needed answering. I am not an intellectual computer user and Armjisoft made the process extremely easy with their email support and fantastic video tutorials. The invaluable video tutorials showed me step by step how to apply DRM protection to my eBook making the process so easy even I could understand and follow it! Many other DRM companies either didn’t reply to my questions, had an overly complicated integration system or wanted a monthly subscription fee and limited the amount of licenses I could offer under different tariffs. Armjisoft was a ‘one-off’ payment offering me unlimited license allocations and complete control over my product. They are contactable 24/7 with a friendly service and always willing to offer me advice and guidance.



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PDF Security and DRM Packages in Depth Comparison

Vendor Description :
PDF Security OwnerGuard provides Security, DRM, Copy Protection, Licensing and Distribution Management solution for Adobe PDF Documents. This product is made especially for internal company documents security and publishers of high value information published in PDF format.

Overview :
OwnerGuard is not based on plug-in or custom viewers. OwnerGuard DRM implementation seems to be based on external security/drm layers for Foxit and Adobe Reader. The protected pdf documents are not standard pdf files but they’re accessible using standard Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader. The protection and licensing systems are provided as standalone applications and also as server APIs for integration.



PDF OwnerGuard, DRM Done Right

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a complex and sometimes controversial topic. There are two unwanted extremes, «all should be free» and «treat users like thieves», and even if you can avoid both of them, there are still many subtleties you should think about. DRM system for digital documents should be strong enough to protect your property effectively but friendly enough not to irritate your users and also flexible enough for many different cases (multiple owners of the same document, resellers, machine-based license, time-based license, etc). OwnerGuard DRM system and PDF OwnerGuard (software which applies this system to PDF documents) are very close to the golden mean.