OwnerGuard License Manager


License Manager is the client-side version of OwnerGuard products. In order to Minimize users DRM hassles, OwnerGuard provides a very small DRM Manager for users to add required licenses and access protected files easily.


  License Manager can be distributed to unlimited number of users free of charge.

  Users need to run License Manager only for adding new licenses.

  After adding the license, user will be able to access the corresponding protected files with predefined limitations.

  After adding the license, using protected files are just like normal files with all features of the target application and file format preserved.

  Portable version of License Manager can be used without installation and it’s fully functional even on guest accounts with zero rights.

  OwnerGuard License Manager DRM Engine acts like a transparent layer for users so users do not feel its presence while working with protected files.

Aggressive Version Of License Manager

Aggressive version of License Manager is suitable for internal company document security.
Aggressive edition is a completely silent and transparent drm layer for users without any security alert and notifications.
Aggressive version protects all new or edited files in your desired target applications and file formats (like AutoCAD Drawings, Office Documents and …) transparently.
Using aggressive version there will not be any raw documents in your desired file formats in your desired computers.
Only the company administrators can then distribute and generate licenses for automatically protected files to be accessed by other users or un-protect them if needed.
Aggressive License Manager is not included in standard Advanced/Enterprise packages.

If you’re interested in this special service you can contact Special Services at service@armjisoft.com.